Olearia: an ideal shrub by the sea

Olearia: an ideal shrub by the sea

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Olearia in summary :

Latin name : Olearia traversii
Common name : Olearia
Family : Composaceae
Type : Shrub

Harbor : Round
Height : 3 m
Width : 1.50 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Light, humus

Foliage : Persistent
Flowering : July August

TheOlearia traversii is a pretty seaside shrub. Its compact size is ideal for a little garden. Its brilliant green evergreen foliage as well as its small summer white flowers in panicles will delight your eyes during your moments of relaxation outdoors. (© Phil Bendle)

Planting oleaia

In general, favor a plantation in autumn. This will give the shrub more time to create a root system that can withstand a possible lack of water the following summer.

Planting in spring is possible, but less ecological. It will indeed be necessary to ensure that the watering is regular. Finally, for good growth, oleaia should be planted in Sun.

In clumps or hedges:

  • Dig a hole at least 30 cm deep.
  • Incorporate organic materialand mix it with the earth. You can use compost, potting soil, or well-rotted manure.
  • Install the foot ofOlearia traversii and fill the hole, taking care not to bury the part between the roots and the stem called the collar.

If you want to create a hedge, you must respect a planting distance from 1 meter to 1.20 meter between each subject.

Oleaia in pots and containers:

The planting in tub or pot differs little from a planting in the ground. You will only have to make sure that the water drains correctly and to do this, put a drainage layer (gravel, clay balls, pozzolana, etc.) at the bottom of the pot before adding soil or potting soil. Also think about the wind and check that your shrub is well stable.

Maintenance and multiplication of oleaia

Olearia traversii did not ask not much maintenance. If you planted it in full ground, you just need to monitor soil moisture the first summer after planting.

For a culture in container or pot, a slight intake offertilizer in autumn (phosphate and potassium) and in spring (nitrogen) will be necessary. Watering should also be watched.

If you want prune your shrub, you can do it after flowering.

About the multiplication of olearia, the easiest way is to do it by cuttings in late summer. (© Phil Bendle)

Diseases and pests:

Olearia is resistant to diseases. On the other hand, on the parasite side, mealybugs can be problematic.

Employment and association

There are many ways you can use olearia: massive, in bac or pot, isolated, in Group or in hedge. You are spoiled for choice. If you opt for a plantation in a bed or a hedge, oleaia can be associated with the following shrubs:

  • Sea purslane: small, semi-evergreen bluish gray leaves. Resists limestone, sandy soil and spray well. Perfect for a plantation by the sea.
  • Eleagnus x ebbingeiShiny dark green evergreen above and silvery below. Rounded and compact shape. Ideal shrub to form a hedge.
  • Strawberry tree: very original thanks to its fruit and decorative wood. Evergreen foliage, white flowering simultaneously with fruiting in autumn, winter. Tolerates calcareous soils, but requires a sunny location.

© Phil Bendle

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