9 red flowers for the garden

9 red flowers for the garden

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The red flowers have a vibrant and intense color. In monochrome solid or in touches here and there, it gives depth. Many plants feature varieties with purple hues.

Discover three bulb plants, three perennials and three shrubs that reveal red flowers!

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3 red flower bulbs

Planted in fall or spring, the bulbous flowers brighten up the beds. Most are available in many colors. Here, here are three varieties of flowers that sport red hues. They fit perfectly in a flower bed or in a hotpot and make beautiful bouquets.


  • Variety: "Dark Spirit"
  • Flowering: a fairly classic pompom flower with purple and red hues, appearing between June and October.
  • Foliage: medium green rounded leaflets.
  • Plantation: from March to May.
  • Location: in massif, in border, in planter.


  • Variety: 'Red Lion'
  • Flowering: lightly scented and trumpet-shaped, the flowers top an erect stem. Flowering period in September-October.
  • Foliage: long green leaves appear at the base of the stems after flowering.
  • Plantation: in April-May or in August-September.
  • Location: in massif, in border, in planter, in rockery.


  • Variety: Tulipa praestans Fusilier ’
  • Flowering: produces several scarlet red flowers per stem, in March-April.
  • Foliage: broad and long green-blue leaves, which encircle the stem from its base.
  • Plantation: from September to November.
  • Location: in massif, in border, in planter.

3 perennials with red flowers

Perennials come in handy! They are installed in a bed or a pot and they offer flowers each year. Here are three perennials for 3 different styles: rather rustic with yarrow, elegant with peony and exotic with canna.


  • Variety: Achillea millefolium ‘Summerwine’
  • Flowering: purplish red flowers in flat corymbs.
  • Foliage: semi-persistent dark green, compact and aromatic.
  • Plantation: between February and April or August to October.
  • Location: in massif, in rockery, in meadow, in pot.

Botanical peony

  • Variety: Paeonia tenuifolia Plena
  • Flowering: between April and May, double globular scarlet red flowers appear.
  • Foliage: leafy leaves like those of fennel.
  • Plantation: from February to May or from September to November.
  • Location: in beds, in pots.


  • Variety: Canna indica
  • Flowering: small, erect and sophisticated red flowers from August to October.
  • Foliage: broad and long, lanceolate, medium green leaves, forming a tuft.
  • Plantation: from March to June, once the risk of frost has been eliminated.
  • Location: in beds, in pots, isolated.

3 shrubs with red flowers

Also think of the shrubs which bring volume and garnish the bottom of the beds. These flowering plants will give a little color! Whether it is oleander, rhododendron or rose bush, these three shrubs are known for their floridity.


  • Variety: Nerium oleander ‘Otalia’
  • Flowering: pretty single flowers with 5 deep red petals.
  • Foliage: linear green leaves all around the twigs, forming a flowering bush.
  • Plantation: in April or October.
  • Location: in hedges, in clumps, isolated, in vats.


  • Variety: ‘Red Jack’
  • Flowering: Inflorescences in clusters, formed of beautiful large ruby ​​red trumpet flowers.
  • Foliage: large evergreen elliptical dark green leaves.
  • Plantation: March-April preferably or September-October.
  • Location: in hedges, in clumps, isolated, in vats.


  • Variety: Rosa (x) polyantha ‘Marondo®’ (ground cover)
  • Flowering: semi-double roses with a velvety touch, opening onto a heart of yellow stamens. Flowering period: June to October.
  • Foliage: deciduous dark green shiny.
  • Plantation: between January and May or from September to December.
  • Location: on a slope, in massif, in ferry.

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