Blackberry jam: the summer recipe

Blackberry jam: the summer recipe

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Blackberry jam is undoubtedly one of the most popular and easy to make.

For breakfast, it has long served with our toast, cracottes and grilled toats.

From picking to potting, follow our tips for making delicious blackberry jam.

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Blackberry jam recipe


  • 3 kilos of blackberries
  • 2 kilos of sugar, preferably "special jam"
  • A lemon

Preparation of the blackberry jam:

  • Remove the stems remaining attached to the fruit. Wash the blackberries in cold water to remove any dust or foreign objects, then drain them.
  • Use a large basin for cooking. Put the blackberries there with a glass and a half of water. Feel free to add underripe fruit because their more abundant pectin will promote the "good grip" of your jam.
  • Remove them from the heat after a few broths.
  • Pass the fruit to vegetable mill by choosing the thinnest grid so as to retain as many grains as possible. Do not hesitate to do the operation in several stages to clean the grid. Your jam will be that much more grain-free.

Cooking blackberry jam

Cooking blackberry jam is important because it is what makes the success and consistency, neither too liquid nor too thick.

Weigh the mixture obtained after removing the grains and return it to the basin, previously cleaned well.

Blackberry jam cooking time:

  • Add the sugar (750g of sugar for 1 kg of mixture obtained after the 1st step)
  • Resume cooking, stirring constantly until it boils.
  • Leave to cook for about 40 to 45 minutes stirring very frequently until a thick jam is obtained and removing the scum that your children will taste first.
  • Add the lemon juice before stopping cooking.
  • Pour into the previously scalded jars.

Close them immediately and place them upside down before turning them over to store them.

> If your jars are without a lid, you can wait for cooling, pour in melted paraffin and then cover them with a small square of decorated fabric that you will hold with an elastic.

Smart tip

Homemade blackberry jam can be stored for many months, so save it.

This jam will accompany your toast for breakfast but can also accommodate a good goat cheese for example.

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