Mimosa: sun in the heart of winter

Mimosa: sun in the heart of winter

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Mimosa is a beautiful winter flowering tree, well known for its golden yellow flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Acacia dealbata
Family : Mimosaceae
Type: Tree

: 4 to 10 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained and sandy

Foliage : Persistent
Flowering : Winter

Planting the mimosa, pruning and maintaining it will help you have a very beautiful mimosa throughout the seasons.

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Planting mimosa

Mimosa is best planted in spring or atautumn in a sunny location ideally sheltered from the wind.

If you choose mimosa in a pot, for a balcony or terrace, its scent will perfume the place as soon as the first flowers appear.

The mimosa indeed likes particularly sunny and sheltered places but also well-drained soils.

  • You will therefore avoid heavy and clayey soils.
  • In calcareous soil, prefer a grafted mimosa which will adapt better to this type of soil
  • Follow our planting advice.
  • Multiplication of mimosa by cuttings in summer.

Can we plant a mimosa everywhere?

The hardiness of mimosa is considered medium. Its frost resistance also depends on its situation.

  • Mimosa is frost resistant down to -10 ° if it is well sheltered from wind and moisture.
  • In a humid garden, it may not withstand -5 °

Thus, mimosa grows almost everywhere south of the Loire, elsewhere it is riskier.

In regions with harsh winters, prefer planting mimosa in pots in order to be able to bring it in in winter

Mimosa in pot

Mimosa is a shrub that grows very well in pots or containers, even if certain conditions have to be met.

> Never use a pot with a water reserve, the pot must be drilled at the bottom for the water to drain
> Make sure it will be sheltered from the wind
> The mimosa needs sun to flower, however avoid situations that are too hot in summer because it could suffer from the heat and dry out.

> After 3-4 years, it will be time to repot it in a larger pot.

Cut the mimosa in a pot:

Unlike mimosa in the ground that is allowed to grow, potted mimosa needs to be pruned.

  • Pruning takes place after flowering

Water the mimosa in a pot:

Potted mimosa dries out much faster and therefore needs to be watered regularly. The impoverishment of the earth is also much faster.

  • Water regularly but not excessively so as not to flood the roots but to ensure constant humidity in the soil
  • Apply a flowering shrub fertilizer throughout the growing period

Maintenance of mimosa

Once firmly in place and rooted, the mimosa needs a lot of low maintenance.

The only fear one could have with the mimosa would be to suffer too much frost late.

Watering the mimosa:

Mimosa is not a tree that requires a lot of watering, unless it is in a pot of course. However, it does fear excess humidity which tends to rot the roots and therefore your tree.

  • It is necessary water in case of prolonged drought but the reserves contained in the soil should be sufficient for the needs of the mimosa.
  • For the potted mimosa, refer to the paragraph above.

Mimosa size

The size of the mimosa is done after flowering. If you prune in winter, you will not have flowers.

  • Slightly cut the flowering stems.
  • Remove rejections that grow on the ground, because they weaken the rest of the tree.

In end of winter, if you see branches blackened by frost, do not hesitate to delete them.

Mimosa in winter

Mimosa frost resistant when moderate (-5 ° maximum) but especially when it does not lasts too long.

For the potted mimosa, its frost resistance is less important, take it away from frost, in a cool room during winter if it freezes in your area.

  • When young, you can also use a winter cover to protect it from frost
  • Also protect the foot with a good mulch of dried leaves

In full ground and if it's freezing heavily in your area, protect your tree by following our tips for protecting plants from freezing.

Smart tip

No need to add fertilizer because Mimosa does not need any fertilizer, even when planting.

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