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Thought: ideal for beds and planters!

Thought: ideal for beds and planters!

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Pansy is an autumn and winter flower, very popular in beds and planters.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Viola
: Purplish
Annual, biennial or perennial

Height: 10 to 20 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground: Normal

Flowering: Fall, winter and spring

Planting, maintenance and watering are all things that will allow you to have very pretty flowers for a long time.

Planting pansies

Purchased in a bucket or pot, you can plant the pansies autumn or at the very beginning of spring.

Plant the thoughts well:

Prefer a good soil in the soil of your garden, you will thus guarantee your plants a much better flowering.

For a beautiful flowering, prefer a sunny location especially in winter when the sun is less strong.

Sowing thoughts:

For the sowing, it is usually done from June-July to August.

About 4 weeks after emergence, transplant every 10 cm and plant in the fall in the ground with the addition of a suitable soil.

  • It will generally be necessary to plant about ten feet per m2.
  • Sow in place in the spring for a flowering during summer.
  • For a flowering in autumn, sow at the beginning of June.

Maintenance of thoughts

Whether they bloom in spring and summer, or in fall and winter, thoughts call out for nothing but very little care.

  • For spring and summer varieties, Water during the hottest months
  • For winter varieties, instead protect the roots from the cold with a mulching during winter.

The same pansies cannot bloom all year round, which is why there are spring and summer flowering pansies and fall and winter flowering pansies.

Concerning the annual varieties you can pull them out at the end of flowering while those which are perennial may bloom again the following year.

  • The varieties that flower the best and the most common are annuals.

Watering thoughts:

Thought needs watering, only when it is not raining.

Since it is a flower typically grown in spring and fall, natural precipitation of rainwater is usually sufficient to meet its needs.

But if there is no rain for several days, especially for flowers in planters, tubs or pots, watering helps ensure good growth of pansies and prolong flowering.

Adding fertilizer can be helpful in making your thoughts shine.

To know about thought

Pansies bloom almost throughout the year depending on the species.
Perennial, it is generally cultivated as a biennial and it is in the spring that it is most spectacular with its wide variety of colors.

They are also known to come to flower our gardens, our balconies and our terraces in beds or in planters, in autumn and in winter even if the latter is not very mild.

Nearly 500 species are listed, which constitutes a palette of flowers in the most varied colors.

They are often confused with violets because they are part of the same family and only their petals differentiate them.

Difference between pansies and violets.

  • Violets have 2 petals up and three down.

Pansies have 4 petals up and one down

Smart tip

Adding fertilizer for flowering plants in your planters or flower beds will improve flowering

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