Attract useful animals to the garden

Attract useful animals to the garden

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In this age of sustainable development and environmental protection, the presence of animals and insects in the garden is becoming a necessity.

If you'd rather use live "entomophages" (insect eaters) rather than chemical insecticides, here are some tips for attracting and retaining beneficial animals in your garden.

Birds, hedgehogs, ladybugs, etc.

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Attract birds

To attract useful birds (robin, crossbill, nuthatch, tit, goldfinch, etc.), favor trees producing seeds and achenes (acorns, walnuts, beechnuts and hazelnuts), conifers and fruit trees.

They will serve as both a restaurant and a hotel.

Do not hesitate to neglect your flower garden a little so that the seeded flowers are used to feed the passerines.

And in winter, consider offering them oil seeds and fat.

Ban any chemical treatment that could poison them.

Attract hedgehogs to the garden

Endangered because of pesticides and cars, hedgehogs are invaluable helpers in the garden, because they feed on white grubs and molluscs that devour the roots of our vegetables.

To accommodate one in the garden, provide him with a favorable environment, with piles of wood where he can hide, for example. Never burn your piles of dead leaves without checking that a hedgehog is hiding there.

The same goes for trimming your hedge. In winter, give him apples or cat food, but never milk (risk of diarrhea).

Finally, ban pesticides and slugs from your garden, which poison it.

Attract helper insects

To eliminate aphids without harming the environment, nothing beats a ladybug colony.

But "beasts for God" are not the only useful insects.

Also protect lacewings, bumblebees, bees and solitary wasps, hoverflies, earwigs (earwig) and ground beetles by offering them a "hotel" to hibernate.

We find small wooden constructions with hiding places in garden stores, but you can also make one yourself.

Pierrick the Gardener

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  • To read: Recognizing the main birds in the garden to better welcome them

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