Schefflera: a very easy green plant

Schefflera: a very easy green plant

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Schefflera is a houseplant appreciated for the beauty of its foliage and its ease of maintenance.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Schefflera arboricola
Family : Araliaceae
Type : Houseplant

: 3 m indoors
Ground : Potting soil Indoor plants
Exposure : Bright light without direct sunlight

Foliage : Persistent

Maintenance, pruning, watering and treatment, follow these tips to have a beautiful schefflera and prevent it from getting sick.

To know about the schefflera

The schefflera is theone of the most common shrubs as a houseplant for the beauty of its foliage and for its great robustness.

It is appreciated for its aesthetic side but also for its high adaptability to interiors of our houses and apartments.

It is also often used in offices for its ease of maintenance and its tolerance.

Maintenance of the schefflera

The schefflera is quite tolerant of the exhibition, watering and the temperature level where he is.

It also likes a room where the temperature can vary from 12 to 22 °. But still avoid sudden changes in temperature.

  • It must be located in a bright room, but should not be exposed to the sun.
  • It can tolerate subdued light but still prefers bright light.
  • It should be watered when the land is dry, but not abundantly and preferably withwater at room temperature.
  • Finally, avoid moving it too often, as it will take time to adjust to its new environment.

Every 2 or 3 years, you must repot your schefflera.

  • Find our advice for repot your schefflera well

Schefflera size:

It's important to prune the stems of the schefflera so that it branches out.

It consists of pinch the main rod so that new stems can grow.

  • You can renew the operation

Schefflera disease or cultivation errors

Schefflera losing its leaves:

Enough common in schefflera, it is normal when it comes to regular losses and in limited quantities.

In case of leaf loss, check that it is well watered and possibly carry out a surfacing.

  • It can also be linked to a change of place or pot.
  • He can too running out of light, in this case give it more light.

He should quickly gain strength.

Schefflera leaves that turn yellow:

It is often the result of a spider attack.

  • It will then be sufficient to treat with a biological miticide sold in garden center.
  • Avoid chemicals, especially in houseplants,

White powder on the leaves which become sticky:

This is usually the result of mealybugs.

  • Find out how fight against cochineal at the schefflera.

Watering the schefflera

It is better towait until the soil is dry between 2 waterings.

Water on average 1 time per week.

If your interior is rather dry or in summer, we can water a little more often, but always waiting for the soil to be dry on the surface.

Schefflera in winter:

On the contrary, in winter or in case of high ambient humidity, the watering can be space a little further apart.

Feel free to mist water regularly on the foliage, this will improve the quality of the foliage and prevent the leaves from drying out.

Smart tip about schefflera

With a pot or container of the right size and regular surfacing, you will obtain a magnificent schefflera 2 to 3 m high!

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